More than 20 years of experience in high quality and sophisticated construction projects

For almost a decade, real estate prices in Germany have increased noticeably. Although this is unusual for the long-neglected housing market, it is fundamentally understandable.

Despite the strong price increases (German) real estate is not yet “bubble-prone”. Accordingly, direct investment – also due to lucrative financing conditions – remains promising.

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Satisfied home owners

Who wants to build a house usually faces the biggest project in life.

At the same time, you enter basically unknown terrain.

And nothing must go wrong because the stakes are high.

That is why our satisfied customers are our best and strongest arguments.

This is because they already went through the same situation lying ahead for you and have successfully completed a construction project with us.

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Satisfied customers are our strongest argument! Benefit from more than 20 years of experience with with high-quality and sophisticated building projects from the Allgäu, carried out in Germany, Austria, and other European countries.

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Complete customer orientation

Our company has taken care of more than 1,000 clients in the last two decades.

We always focus the client’s wishes in doing so.

We bring in all our expertise, knowledge, and passion into every single project.

High-quality construction materials, professional performance on time, as well as overall top quality are our natural way of handling projects.

We are fully committed to your construction project – until the hand-over of keys and beyond…

Make your dream come true and build your home with us!

eb allgäu wohnbau immo gmbh
More than 1,000 satisfied clients stand for our experience and expertise in every development. From the concept to the hand-over of the keys, we provide on-time delivery performance and optimum quality, from building materials to all our services.

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Absolute transparence

The decision to build is a huge step.

However, joyful anticipation is often accompanied by uncertainty.

What do I have to expect? What needs to be done? Where are dangers lurking?

Our philosophy is based on complete transparency right from the start.

It all begins with a detailed specification listing the individual project stages.

This provides you with an unequivocal schedule and guide for the course of the entire project.

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Our goal is optimum transparency and continuous support for your development. We combine Swabian thoroughness with a detailed and continuous documentation of all works directly to you. Enjoy quality from the Allgäu / Kaufbeuren!

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Maximum security and construction-accompanying quality controlling

Construction-accompanying quality controlling examines technical aspects such as stability, building physics, fire protection, moisture protection and the entire building services and their interface solutions.

Optimal planning succeeds if standards, quality requirements and budgets are determined in advance. Any subsequent change in planning inevitably leads to new definitions, increases in costs, delays and also to possible structural damage.

A competent and independent expert is commissioned by us to check the construction site at regular intervals. This is important, because the modern building materials have to be processed precisely.

The VQC quality concept provides for a systematic, close examination. If a processing error is discovered, the VQC construction expert brings the matter to the point – as agreed – with craftsmen and construction companies. For you as the client, this means that the VQC gives you clarity in the assessment of issues in question. Misunderstandings among the participants are avoided.

The errors found are documented and can be corrected by the contractor during the construction phase.

So you can sit back and relax. The VQC quality professionals are working to build your new home in good quality.

eb allgäu wohnbau immo gmbh
Reliability is one of our most important issues in carrying out your development. Many small installments and a perfect safety package combined with our 20 year experience with more than 1,000 clients guarantee your investment to implement your dream property.