Trust is gained by deeds first of all

We have always been frank with the customer. We therefore show our documents – including those you might not expect. We go more than one step beyond what is common in our trade this way. Our experience: maximum transparency is the best foundation for building up mutual trust.

We filed our main documents, contracts, and other documentation for inspection here. We are happy to personally help you with all additional questions you may have in this matter.

Transparency without compromise

Important company documents

Healthy construction stands for lasting healthy living

tree-1147570_960_720Thinking of building a house does not necessarily entail thinking of the construction materials applied in the process. However, it would definitely be worth doing so prior to anything else. Simply because healthy living and toxin-free ambient air crucially depend on the used construction materials.

We have great expertise in the field of healthy organic construction which we will happily apply for your project as well.

Building the healthy organic way may be a little expensive at first glance, but it pays off right from the start. You live in a healthy environment and your property has added value.

So talk to us if you plan to build in a healthy and organic manner.

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Reliability, transparency, perfect customer orientation, and more than 20 years of experience with high-quality and sophisticated
developments are the mark of our company in the Allgäu. Come and test us! We will be glad to reply to your inquiry!